A Little Thought To Ponder


I apologize I missed two days because I got caught up in the hustles and bustles of the “holiday madness” but I’m back with many fresh thoughts, not that I didn’t have  those fresh thoughts prior.  But any who, I noticed when Thanksgiving and Christmas begin to get closer old friends and acquaintances begin to come out of the woodwork, I mean you follow the same routines of your pre holiday life and you see the same people but it seems that the holidays bring out everyone from some time frame of your past.

I was asked an interesting question, “What do you do when your out and about and you see someone you used to associate yourself with?”  Is it most appropriate to stop and walk with them to their vehicle or is it okay to smile and wave?  This is a thought, I am now rolling around in my head relentlessly searching for an answer.  Is there an ethic to that situation, like some sort of strange “acquaintance/friend rule”, that I don’t know about?  For me, I think when growing up all of those people we consider our friends are just our acquaintances and its the people who stick with us into our adult lives that are our friends.  We live in a time where social media like Facebook and  Twitter connects the world in which we live, I mean we can virtually find anyone we want if they want to be found. 

So my opinion, if you run into and old acquaintance and a simple wave or a quick hello is not enough and your able to find them on Facebook send them a message to let them know, “Hey, it was nice to see you sorry I couldnt chat with you give me a call and share your number.”  Sending a message to someone you once hung out with as a kid/teen shows that you remember who they are and can even have a tendency to make someone feel good.  When were growing up we know everyone, but people change as they enter adulthood because they move away, get careers, get married, have children,  basically I am try to say they get responsibilities.  When your growing up your “responsibilities” are your circle of friends.  Until next time, Live, Love and Learn.


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