Public Discipline, What Do You Think?

Over the past few weeks I have taken a lot of notice to things around me, I mean, I always notice things but since I started my blog I have gone into “full complete observatory mode.”  I think it is due to the constant running of my brain wheels to keep me in a full functioning mode and ready to blog, always.  I have noticed the need for young teenagers and there strange urges to show public display’s of affection known to many as “pda” which, in my opinion we were all kids once and while I don’t condone it nor do I think it is such an awfully terrible thing, just as long as it is done with taste, meaning pg rated to pg-13 and age appropriateness.

The next thing I have noticed are the small children running rampant through the stores making a ruckus as if they were at the local neighborhood playground on a full and complete dose of sugar and then some.  I am mom, I understand kids will be kids but why is my kids never ran rampant through stores?  I could say my kids knew better, but they are kids and as a parent it is my responsibility to teach them what is appropriate and what is not appropriate.  I am not saying I have the perfect kids because I don’t, they have had their top of the line bratty moments but thank the good Lord above it was never embarrassing extremes like throwing themselves on the floor when told “No” on the toy or the candy they so desperately desire.

My question that runs through my mind while listening to high pitch screeches of little boys and girls from all over, Where is the parent?  By the time a parent is in sight the child has decided to make a mess in the aisles do what they feel like and even following what others do around them, like sniffing the shampoo, tearing the cards in half, opening unpaid for candy or playing in and around the freezer sections. By the time the mom or dad is sight they are fully blabbing away on their cell phones about things I care not to repeat nor  hear.

With a quick hold on to the other end of the cell phone conversationalist you hear one loud mom screaming as if they were a contestant in a screaming match, the once playful making a mess all over the store child now looks like a rag doll being pulled and tossed all over the place.  It is that moment, I can feel my blood over boiling with anger because one, I do not believe in child discipline in public, I feel that it causes self-esteem issues as well as lowered self-worth to the child.  My feeling had the parent with the rambunctious child been aside their parent there would be no need to cause a parental scene, if you were so concerned with the mess that was now scattered among the store and customers irritated then you would have had a tight grip on that child from the get go.

It is obvious in my opinion that this the  parent who lets their children do what they want is now embarrassed and feels they have to justify themselves by being the loud parent placing a tougher than tough grip on the child and with an even stronger jerk of the child right up into mid-air.  How about getting down eye level letting your child know their behavior is not appropriate and when they get home or in the car  the form of punishment to be received.  Is it a form of child abuse?  Is it neglect?  I have given you the details now tell me your opinion.  We live in a day and age where child abuse is such a touchy subject but I am really interested to know what you think.

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