Social Media Flea Markets

We live in a day and age where we have to watch what we spend.  I have to say over the past few years, I have become a serious bargain shopper.  I have found great products new and gently used at flea markets and thrift shops and now I have the opportunity to utilize social media sites to shop as well.

I have come across some very great deals on new items on Facebook, for my local area and my not so local area.  I think the creation of Facebook has by far expanded its means for what it once was intended.  Myself personally, I was never really fond of Ebay, or Craigslist, I mean don’t get me wrong, I have purchased from both and today when I can’t find what I am looking for, I head straight to Amazon.  I have purchased Ipod cases for prices as low as 01 cents, yes 01 cents but paid more for shipping and handling.  My most recent purchases were 2 new laptop ac adaptor chargers that I paid with shipping handling a whopping $18.13.  Those are deals you can not resist let alone beat.

I am not fond of the exuberant amount I pay for shipping and handling, but I do because I found the deal of a lifetime, at least I feel I am.  Amazon has pretty much everything you could possibly imagine.  Facebook flea markets has all the rest, both sites have new and used products.  Do I recommend the Facebook flea markets?  Absolutely, because like I said before we live in an age where we have to watch what we spend, and these days we have too many robbing Peters to pay Pauls in order to just try and live within a means that is out of our means these days.

One of the perks of online flea markets on Facebook is that the majority are closed sites and you need an invite to access and then you really see how many people you know or know someone you know utilizing them. This already gives me a level of comfort because I am not worrying about fraud so much, the other perk is your meeting up with the person your purchasing from to pick up what you bought. I highly recommend local online flea markets because it is easier to make arrangements to go see what your interested in before you commit to buying.  The best thing about online flea markets, you can shop at 2 in the morning when the rest of the world is fast asleep. 

 You can shop in your pajamas and slippers and you dont need a sitter. I always say shop different sites but stick to the amount of miles your willing to drive to go pick up your item.  Most importantly, ask questions before you commit, because if you want it and someone else needs it and it turns out to be something you dont want, the sale could be a flop because the other person may assume its already sold and look else where.  Keep in mind, the majority of those people running these sites are people like you and I, in a financial crunch but willing to work with you on the price.  If you dont think the price is fair, say so.  Dont complain about it later, because once the transaction is complete, its complete unless of course its broken or doesnt meet the expectations.  But that is why you have to do your research, be comfortable with online flea markets, purchasing gently used items, aske the seller what there policies are, especially with returns if something fails.  So now, I have given you a little information on the new shopping trend, try it out.  Enjoy, and pass the word.

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