Hello world!

I have been saying for quiet some time that I am going to join the millions of bloggers out there in “cyber land” and begin a blog of my very own.  Well, cyber world hello, I have finally made it!  While I sat and determined what  I would like to blog about for months (a little exaggerated) I decided that my blog would touch base on a little of everything because life is ever-changing and so shall my blog.

I cannot guarantee everyday what my blog will be based upon, but I can guarantee it will be a variety of topics.  On the days I am feeling parental I may blog some advice but just because I give it doesn’t mean you have to take it.  On the days I am feeling crafty I may share a project or two or three…  Oh lets face it, I am here to have fun and blog till I cannot possibly blog anymore.   I am however, open to suggestions from the “grandest bloggers” to the not so “grandest”.  Just remember you were new once too so if you have helpful tips and /or suggestions, I am all eyes.  Until the next time live, laugh and love.


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